Gigi Hadid posts sentimental Instagram from childhood -- Take a look at the stunning snap

It might not be a Throwback Thursday but when you're an international supermodel, any day is a good day to throw up a photo of you from your younger years to remind the world just how jaw-droppingly beautiful you've always been.

No stranger to working the camera from as long as she can remember, Gigi Hadid took to Instagram Thursday evening to post a two-photo, caption-less Instagram that showed a close-up of her face as a child and a close up of her face in present time:

The first snap shows Hadid in a black and white image with her hair in two braids.

Her iconic gaze and eyes are unmistakable in the second photo she posted alongside it, decades later.

"Wow. Beautiful the day you were born 😍," wrote Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan.

Hadid's new BFF Kacey Musgraves cooed "star baby"."

The sentimental post has since garnered over 1 million likes and nearly 3,500 comments.

Hadid has since made the snap her profile photo on Instagram and honestly, we don't blame her.