Mulan goes to war in Disney‘s action-packed trailer

Hua Mulan readies to put her life on the line for her community and family in a new trailer for Disney’s live-action “Mulan.”

Based on Disney’s 1998 animated classic, “Mulan” tells the story of a woman (portrayed by Yifei Liu) who poses as a man to fight in the Chinese army.

The footage, dropped Thursday, begins with Mulan’s father (Hua Zhou) expressing what it means to be female in Chinese culture.

“Your job is to bring honor to the family,” he tells his daughter. “Do you think you can do that?”

When Northern invaders attack, each family must send one man to fight. Since Hua Zhou is too sick, Mulan takes his place and disguises herself from the Emperor and the rest of the army as Hua Jun, a man ready for battle.

“Loyal, brave and true,” she says. “It is my duty to protect my family.”

Mulan hits the battlefield, practicing and preparing for the war with the other men. Though the live-action movie won’t include memorable songs like “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” Sergeant Qiang (Ron Yuan) offers a familiar promise: “We’re going to make men out of every single one of you.”

Battle scenes ensue, including a shot where the enemy witch figures out Hua Mulan’s true female identity. She then fights with her hair down, owning who she really is.

“I’m Hua Mulan, I will bring honor to us all,” she vows.

“Mulan,” directed but Niki Caro and also starring Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Gong Li, debuts in theaters March 27.