A-list celebrities stun bride and groom at wedding: ‘This was truly unforgettable'


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been a professional wrestler, world-famous actor and even a national championship-winning college football player, and now he can add one more title to his resume — wedding crasher.

It's all thanks to an outrageous moment that made one couple's special day all the more memorable when Johnson and Danny DeVito decided to turn up unannounced at a ceremony in Mexico.

The "Jumanji: The Next Level" co-stars were apparently sipping tequila after a week of press events for their new film when the idea hit them. Johnson captured the moment in a video he shared on his Instagram page, which now has more than 12 million views.

"Have you ever crashed a wedding?" DeVito asks Johnson in the video, after the duo realized there was a wedding party within earshot.

No!" Johnson says, to which DeVito replies: "Let's crash the wedding."

The ensuing chaos saw the two movie stars sneak into the wedding party through a kitchen before surprising the bride, groom and their friends and family. Microphone in hand, "The Rock" launches into a rendition of the classic wedding song, "Unforgettable."

"I've never crashed a wedding, but with DeVito this was truly UNFORGETTABLE," Johnson shared in his Instagram post. "Crash the wedding. Grab a mic. Sing a special song. Say adios."

It seems the pair left quite the impression, as plenty of guests excitedly posed for photos and gasped as they appeared from the kitchen. Both actors even offered some words of wisdom for the newlyweds.

"Buy a big house so he doesn't have to bump into her," DeVito told the couple.

"Here are five important words that Danny and I live by," The Rock added. "'Yes, honey, you are right.'"

Putting jokes aside for a moment, "The Rock" also used his Instagram post to wish the bride and groom the best.

"It was actually quite beautiful and the love... surrounding the wedding couple was so strong," Johnson wrote on Instagram. "Congratulations to the lovely bride, Kristine and handsome groom, Will."