'Duck Dynasty' star Sadie Robertson gets married: Details!

Sadie Robertson is officially hitched!

The "Duck Dynasty" star married fiancé Christian Huff, 21, on her family's farm in Louisiana on Monday, People reports.

The 22-year-old bride wore a white strapless gown with a lengthy veil, train and long white gloves as she said "I do" in front of 600 guests on a tennis court that had been transformed with hedges, string lights and gold chairs.

"We’re having it on a tennis court, which is kind of unique and fun," Robertson told People of the ceremony. "Christian and I both love to play tennis and every time we’re home, we play tennis on this court. So we’re like, ‘Well, what if we transformed the court?’ So we’re taking off the net, taking off everything. We’re laying down AstroTurf and lights everywhere all over the fence and white roses. So it’ll actually feel like this nice garden."

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff together
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Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff together
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The couple exchanged traditional and personal vows during the ceremony, which was officiated by Pastor Louie Giglio. Guests included fellow "Dancing With the Stars" alums Candace Cameron Bure and Alfonso Ribeiro, as well as Robertson's family and friends, including parents Willie and Korie Robertson.

"Christian is so kind and so affirming of who I am as a person. He makes me a lot stronger. I just feel like equally, we make each other better when we’re together," Sadie told People of her new husband. "When somebody makes you better and they’re you’re best friend in the world, you don’t want to spend a day without them. So we’re excited to not have to spend the day without each other."

Following the ceremony, guests made their way to a tented party area for eating and dancing.

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