Jason DeRulo denies photoshopping that steamy Instagram post: 'Us Haitians, we look different'


If you were anywhere remotely near your Instagram app on November 21, it would have been hard to have missed Jason DeRulo's post that nearly broke the app and the internet at large.

The 30-year-old "Whatcha Say" singer posted a steamy photo from a recent trip he took to Bali captioned ''Good Mornin'' with an emoji of dripping water.

In the photo, which has now garnered over 450,000 likes, DeRulo is sporting nothing except a few gold chain necklaces and fitted black boxer briefs that show off his -- shall we say, very hard-to-miss -- endowment.

Naturally, DeRulo's 5.1 mllion Instagram followers and beyond collectively lost their minds as the shot began to go viral.

However, TMZ caught up with DeRulo and asked him how he felt about the "fan reaction" to the sexy shot to which DeRulo replied:

"It was in Bali. I honestly [didn't] feel like that was going to be my most liked picture when I woke up this morning ... It was from [a trip] months ago. It was not even something that I just did."

A thirsty later-gram picture posted less than a month before the release of the live-action version of 'Cats' where DeRulo wll play Rum Tum Tugger? Not a bad promotional move.

When TMZ asked DeRulo if the photo was "au naturale" with "no photoshop," DeRulo set the record straight by answering the question that everyone was thinking:

"Photoshop?! Photoshop? Don't make me ... " DeRulo laughed and pretended to look around. "There's not enough women in this area."

He then looked at the camera and said "Just know that us Haitians, we look different," as he raised his brows in a joking manner.

DeRulo has now made the photo his default profile picture on his Instagram account and to be honest, it seems like the best decision for everyone involved.