Selena Gomez's shaky AMAs performance garners mixed reactions online


Selena Gomez delivered her first major awards show performance in two years during the 2019 AMAs, and her show-opening moment left viewers wanting more.

The singer performed both of her recent releases, "Lose You To Love Me" and "Look At Her Now," at the top of the ceremony, with the first song airing on ABC in black-and-white as Gomez sang at a static mic stand in a black gown.

It became quickly apparent, however, that there was something off with Gomez's vocals during her opening number, with viewers taking to Twitter to react to her shaky performance.

In reacting to her first song, some called attention to the fact that "Lose You To Love Me" features the lyric, "Sang off key in my chorus/Because it wasn't yours."

Reaction to Gomez's performance wasn't all negative, however, with some of her fans stepping in to defend her and the fact that she was likely nervous returning to such a major stage after a tumultuous couple of years in her personal life.

She also had some pretty stellar support right in her line of sight in the front row: Pal Taylor Swift and Halsey were animated and vocal supporters, and a clip of them dancing to the "Look At Her How" portion of Gomez's performance quickly went viral after the camera panned to them in the audience.

Regardless of her nerves breaking through during her big comeback performance at the American Music Awards, Gomez was a welcome sight opening up the awards show, and she's clearly doing just fine: "Lose You To Love Me" became the singer's first-ever No. 1 hit the week it was released earlier this fall.

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