Steve Aoki recalls the two celebrities that left him the most most starstruck

Steve Aoki is one of the world's most celebrated DJs, and given his track record of festival performances, high-profile collaborations -- the Backstreet Boys are featured on his newest album Neon Future IV, and he's collaborated with everyone from Fall Out Boy to Mike Posner to Louis Tomlinson -- he's no stranger to the Hollywood lifestyle.

However, despite his expansive work in the music industry, there are a few celebrities that have left the Grammy-nominated DJ starstruck. When asked about some of his most memorable travel stories at last week's launch of All Nippon Airway's redesigned Boeing 777-300ER, Aoki reveals he's met a slew of famous faces while on the road, but two, in particular, stand out.

"I met George Clooney on a flight. That was pretty cool," Aoki, 41, said to AOL Lifestyle. "I didn't ask Clooney for a photo -- that was a bit too intimidating!" he said, while adding that it was a missed opportunity.

Another famous face that left Aoki quite star-struck?

"Gabrielle Union...she walked by me and was like 'hey, I'm a big fan of yours'," he recalled. "That was, like, so cool."

The DJ's sixth album Neon Future IV, which he debuted for the first time at ANA's launch to celebrate its redesigned first and business class seats for their Tokyo-New York routes, will be released sometime before the end of the year.

"This is going along the same routes as combining these different cultures and sounds and singers that I like...working in hip-op and some EDM records," he explained about the upcoming release. "A lot of cultures on there, as well as outside music collabs. We got Bill Nye, JJ Abrams... a more scientist research vibe."