Normani becomes the new face of Savage x Fenty

It's been quite the year for Rihanna's lingerie brand Savage x Fenty, which nearly broke the internet after debuting it's long-anticipated fashion show on Amazon Prime.

To call the Savage x Fenty show simply a show would be a vast understatement to all those involved in the production -- it was equal parts concert, performance and showcase, and it was all revolutionary.

Former Fifth Harmony member and now solo artist Normani was one of the chosen few who was asked to dance in the Savage x Fenty show this past September by Rihanna herself.

Now, Rihanna has tapped Normani as the first-ever ambassador for Savage x Fenty, as Vogue announced on Thursday via social media and through an article release.

Normani told Vogue:
"I was very excited and really honored, especially that the ask came from Rihanna herself. I know that this is her passion project, something she genuinely and wholeheartedly believes in and cares about, and the fact that she wanted me to be a part of that meant a lot to me. She is somebody I’ve looked up to for a very, very long time."

Normani's first order of business will be starring in Savage x Fenty's holiday campaign, which was exclusively debuted on Vogue:
"To the people who see this campaign I would say: Believe in yourself, know that there’s only one you. I wake up not confident sometimes and Savage X gives me the opportunity to feel great, empowered, fearless, and beautiful. So you should definitely cop your lingerie! Also! Do it for yourself, not for anybody else."

As for Normani's relationship with Rihanna as a friend, mentor and now business partner, it's Rihanna's unconventional ways and incomparable confidence that continue to inspire Normani in both fashion, dancing and beyond:

"She’s so transparent with us and unapologetically herself, which is very, very hard, especially as a woman, especially when society tells you what its standards of beauty are and what we’re supposed to be. I feel that she has broken so many barriers, which is something that I hope to do and I’m very, very inspired to do. I think she gives women the opportunity to feel sexy, even on their worst day, you know? She really is writing her own story ... I’m just really excited to watch the growth of Savage X and hopefully continue to be a part of it."