Adam Devine was convinced Joe Biden mixed him up with Adam Levine

Adam Devine wasn't sure former Vice President Joe Biden knew who he was.

In 2016, the actor starred in a Funny or Die PSA video with then-Vice President Biden for the It's On Us campaign, which works to combat sexual assault on college campuses.

Devine told AOL that Biden asked for him by name, which took him by surprise. So much so that he thought he may have mixed him up with another famous Adam.

"They told me that [Biden] asked for me personally and I was convinced that he meant Adam Levine," the actor said.

The video features Devine and Biden going "undercover" as college students to infuriate a frat party and spread their message about taking the pledge to prevent sexual assault.

The comedian said that Biden, or as the actor referred to him, "Joey Bides" was "super fun, but I wouldn't say he was super funny."

However, Biden knew what was so funny about the vice president being at a college party in the video, Devine added.

"He's super cool and seems super sincere as to what he believes in and what he's doing," Devine said of the presidential candidate.

Devine also revealed to AOL that he has dealt with his own issues with people overstepping boundaries. The "Righteous Gemstones" actor said fans often grab his butt after shows.

"It is weird when people grab you when they aren't your friends or the person you're dating," he said. "So I'd recommend not do that if you're a person who does that. And that goes for all humans — male or female."

He usually responds by keeping it moving.

"When it happens to me, I normally pretend like it doesn't happen which is what my girlfriend says she does," he told AOL. "But if it was too aggressive, I think I'd be like 'hey, knock it off!'"