Hannah Brown apologizes to 'Dancing with the Stars' judge Carrie Ann Inaba after uncomfortable moment on 'DWTS'

Hannah Brown temporarily forgot that drama is for "The Bachelorette," not "Dancing with the Stars."

The "DWTS" contestant apologized to judge Carrie Ann Inaba this week after cameras caught a tense moment that unfolded between them during rehearsals. Brown, 25, says her snippy demeanor was due to emotions that got out of control.

The reality star seemingly realized she needed to apologize after seeing the rehearsal footage of herself, which aired just before her dance. Inaba entered the studio to offer feedback and help Brown rehearse, and her comments quickly pushed Brown to tears. After noticing her reaction, Inaba tried to hug her, and Brown icily responded, "I don't want to be touched."

Visibly shocked, Inaba also got choked up and said she wasn't intending to upset Brown.

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"I just want to say I'm so sorry if it seemed like I was dismissive of you trying to help me," Brown told Inaba after her Monday night performance. "I had a really hard day that day. It was really emotional learning my contemporary, and I didn't handle my emotions well and I know you're trying to help me."

She then repeated, "I just wanted to say I'm so sorry."

Inaba accepted the apology and the two shared a hug.

Of all the emotion on last night's episode, however, the moment barely made a blip compared to James Van der Beek's distressing announcement. Openly devastated, the "Dawson's Creek" actor confirmed that he and his wife lost their pregnancy to a miscarriage over the weekend.

I really didn't think I would be dancing tonight,” he said. “But Kimberly from our hospital bed said to me, I am not done watching you dance."