Everything you need to know about 'Into The Unknown,' the 'Frozen 2' song that's even better than 'Let It Go'

It's time to let go of "Let It Go" — and not just because your ears need a break from it.

The instant-classic song from 2014's "Frozen" is the most popular Disney song of all time, if Spotify stream counts are any indication, which posed a massive challenge for "Frozen 2": How do you possibly outdo a tune of that magnitude?

Well, if any combination of people could meet that challenge, it's songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, composer Christoph Beck and powerhouse singer Idina Menzel, the voice behind Queen Elsa. And magically enough, "Into the Unknown" manages to rival, and arguably top, "Let It Go." Here's what you need to know about the number (before you start hearing it everywhere, at all hours of the day and night, for the rest of time).

1. Very few people have the range to hit that high E flat. If the highest note in "Into the Unknown" sounds familiar, it's because Idina Menzel already reaches it during the climax of "Let It Go." This time, she has to belt it repeatedly throughout the song, and she readily admits it's easier said than done: "I get cocky in the studio. I start to feel good. I go, ‘I can hit that.’ And then I wake up another morning, and I’m like, ‘What did I do to myself?'" Menzel told USA Today.

Also able to nail the note is Panic! At the Disco's Brendon Urie, who sings it to perfection in a pop version that plays during the film's end credits.

2. The songwriters didn't plan in advance to borrow that note from "Let It Go." While the Lopezes knew they'd need to deliver another power ballad that lived up to their Oscar-winning number, the process wasn't as simple as just tweaking what worked the first time. "We work very closely with Idina and we make sure everything’s cool with her, and we explore different keys, whatever feels best, and this is where we ended up somehow," Lopez told USA Today.

3. The soundtrack will drop before the movie does, so if you want, you can learn the songs in advance. The "Frozen 2" soundtrack was released Friday, Nov. 15, a week before the film hits theaters. You can order it on Amazon here.

Order the "Frozen 2" soundtrack on Amazon

4. Although there are other strong songs in the film, Disney is already setting up "Into the Unknown" to be the big runaway hit. Promotional trailers for the film either feature the new song or "Vuelie," the chanting choir song already made famous in the first "Frozen." The song is also featured heavily in the sequel, but the existing familiarity means it's not able to suddenly take off in a major way.

5. ... which means it's a shoe-in nominee for Best Original Song at next year's Academy Awards. Will it fulfill the "Frozen" legacy and take home the Oscar? Well, who's to say. (But, yeah. Almost definitely.)

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