Yes, there is a post-credits scene after 'Frozen 2': Does it set up another Disney movie?


Theatergoers may want to stay frozen in their seats for a few extra minutes on Nov. 22.

As the credits roll at the end of "Frozen 2," most fans will happily head out the door humming (or full-on belting) Queen Elsa's "Into the Unknown." But fans with bit of patience will be rewarded with a a fun, albeit brief, post-credits scene at the very end of the film.

The credits extend for quite some time, which is no surprise given the incredible amount of effort and talent that goes into creating an animated feature of this caliber. (For what it's worth, we're advocates of always staying through the credits, especially when you really love a movie — these people worked hard!) But the ten minutes or so go quickly thanks to pop renditions of some of the movie's best songs, including Panic! At the Disco's version of Queen Elsa's "Into The Unknown."

Mild plot points below, so if you want to be fully surprised by the post-credits scene, stop reading here.

After the credits draw to a close, we're taken to a snowy spot with snowman Olaf center-stage. In a callback to one of the funniest scenes of "Frozen 2," he dramatically re-enacts some of the major twists and turns of the whole movie. It ends up being a super-brief recap because "a bunch of things happened that I forgot," he explains.

He then tells his then-hidden audience, "And thus, I live... and so do you."

We won't spoil exactly who Olaf is talking to, but if you're hoping for a major reveal that sets up another film, this won't be the scene you're looking for. However, it brings back a few recognizable faces and makes for a cute moment that fans will enjoy.

The entire post-credits scene lasts less than a minute, and given that it doesn't contain any clues about future Disney projects, it's no big deal if you head out before it starts. But for fans who just can't get enough of the "Frozen" universe, it will certainly deliver.