Khloe Kardashian apologizes after fans call her out for 'awkward' People's Choice Award moment

Khloe Kardashian took home one of the most coveted statues at the People's Choice Awards on Sunday night ⁠— but did she even care?

Actually, yes. After a few fans called out the 35-year-old for seemingly ignoring her win for Best Reality Star, Khloe was quick to respond on Twitter, explaining that she was completely unaware that fans had voted in droves for her.

"We ain't voting next year if you just gon stand up there and not say s--t," one fan complained after Khloe left the stage without acknowledging her win.

Khloe replied in earnest a few hours later: “It’s so beyond loud in there. I had no idea I won an individual award until we walked off stage,” Khloe tweeted in response. “I feel so badly right now. I am so f—— grateful and appreciative! I can’t believe I didn’t say anything but I didn’t hear that I won until after.”

Khloe and sister Kourtney later added that it's uncomfortable to speak on stage, unscripted, in front of so many people.

“Just so everybody knows, it’s so awkward, like, when you go on stage,” Khloé said in an Instagram post. “I know, Kim is a G and she kind of takes over and she will talk. Kourtney and I are in the back like … “

“Do we say thank you, do we not? What do we say?” Kourtney said.

Khloe added, "We never really know what to say and we’re so grateful, we’re so thankful. I won an award as well, but we just get nervous. I know people don’t think we do."

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