E! is bringing back one of its cult-favorite shows for a second revival

E! is rebooting one of its fan-favorite shows — for a second time.

"Talk Soup" was born in 1991 and ran for more than a decade on E! before coming to an end in 2002. Two years later, with comedian Joel McHale at the helm, it was rebooted as "The Soup" and aired for an even-more-impressive 12 seasons. So why not give it a third go?

A new incarnation of "The Soup," hosted by comic Jade Catta-Preta, is set to debut in early 2020, E! has revealed. Just like its predecessors, the show will poke at pop culture and call out craziness on TV and online.

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McHale's career has taken off since "The Soup": The 47-year-old has landed roles in dozens of high-profile TV shows and films, including DC Comics' upcoming 2020 drama "Stargirl."

Brazilian-born Catta-Preta is well known in the comedy world, performing both English and Portugese at comedy clubs. She's previously appeared on other comedic commentary shows including "Girl Code" on MTV" and Comedy Central's "@Midnight."

She'll join the ranks of several other famous faces who have led the show. The original installment starred Greg Kinnear, followed by John Henson, Hal Sparks and Aisha Tyler. McHale, an undisputed king of sarcasm, hosted all 618 episodes of the 2004 to 2015 revival.