Grammy winner Ciara on what advice she would give to kids on the verge of stardom

America's Most Musical Family premiered on Nickelodeon on Nov. 1, bringing the first family singing competition show to the silver screen. The new reality show follows 30 families, all with unique musical acts that span every genre from hip-hop to opera, as they compete for their chance to win a contract with Republic Records and a $250,000 cash prize.

In The Know's Julia Webb sat down the show's judges, Ciara, David Dobrik and Debbie Gibson, and host, Nick Lachey, to get the inside scoop on Nick's newest show.

With kids younger than ten performing on the show, emotions are sure to run high. When asked what it was like to have to give honest feedback and criticism to the families, Grammy award winner Ciara described the tricky dynamic as a "good challenge," sharing that "there's a fine line you want to walk" when critiquing kids. YouTube star and fellow judge David Dobrik echoed Ciara's sentiment adding that "it was brutal" when families had to be sent home after getting voted off the show.

Host Nick Lachey, of 98 Degrees and Newlyweds fame, is no stranger to sharing memorable moments on stage with a family member. Of the show, he shared "there were so many incredible performances. I remember being moved to tears." And due to the fact that there are no other family-first competition reality shows on the air, all cast members expressed their immediate excitement at getting to be a part of this particular show. Singer-songwriter and judge Debbie Gibson said that from day one on set knew they "were a part of something special, something groundbreaking."

Seeing as Nickelodeon has such a massive audience and fan base, it's inevitable that a lot of the young performers from the show will be thrust into the spotlight after season one wraps. When asked what advice she would give to the kids about to be in the public eye, Ciara advised to "always [pursue your dream] because you love it. I think that's most important. And when you have the opportunity, own it -- make that moment count. Make the best of it and if things don't pan out exactly how you want them to, don't stop believing."

"I say it all the time on this show, but I always say, 'all it takes is one person to believe, and that person is you.' So your dream starts and ends with you," she continued.

You can tune in to watch America's Most Musical Family on Nickelodeon on Fridays at 7pm ET.