Chrissy Teigen admits her tweet about her mom was 'super tone deaf': 'I'm sorry and I will do better'

Chrissy Teigen is owning up to a viral tweet that sparked harsh criticism about celebrity wealth and excess.

Teigen knows better than most that Twitter popularity is a double-edged sword, and although she's widely known as one of the funniest celebrities on the internet, one of her recent posts delivered more anger than laughs: "My mom treats her AirPods like they're disposable," she tweeted on Nov. 6. "Buys a few a month. She says they would be easier to not lose if they had...a cord."

The punchline was, of course, that headphones that existed prior to the AirPods have cords. But given that AirPods retail for $159 at Apple (and $249 if you spring for the AirPods Pro), the flippancy of suggesting her mom buys "a few a month" didn't go over well with fans.

Twitter users were quick to raise their eyebrows, responding in droves: "That has horrifying implications for the environment if this is how rich people treat electronics," one tweeted, while another said, "Most of your followers can't afford medicine but this is definitely a thing you can tweet."

Teigen was seemingly unaware of the controversy for a few days, but upon learning of the outrage, she issued an earnest mea culpa, saying that while the message was exaggerated for comic effect, "it came across as super tone deaf and icky."

She continued, "I promise I will not always say the right thing in the right way but I also promise I hate disappointing or pissing you guys off. I’m sorry and I will do better to not be such an a--hole."

She also responded directly to a few fans, including one who told her that the tweet had made her feel "poor." Teigen replied, "I hate that I made you feel that way and I apologize!"

Others said they appreciated her response but that they hadn't been offended in the first place: "Jeez people are sensitive! I found it hilarious," one wrote. "Maybe that’s [because] I know how to laugh at things in life instead of finding the negative and misery in everything."