Neighbors erupt with excitement as woman sings from her apartment window


Jaw-dropping footage captured a Chilean soprano opera singer receiving a raucous ovation as she sang out of her apartment window, defying the country's government-imposed curfew.

Ayleen Jovita Romero was captured performing a beautiful rendition of Chilean singer-songwriter and political activist Victor Jara's song "El derecho de vivir en paz," or, "The right to live in peace."

In footage of her performance shared on Twitter, Romero's voice can be heard eerily echoing throughout the dark, quiet city. As soon as the songbird finishes her melody, thousands can be heard erupting in applause for her, yelling, whistling and blaring horns through their own dimly-lit windows.

One version of the stirring video has been viewed over 1.6 million times.

"El derecho de vivir en paz" was originally penned in 1971 as a tribute to Vietnamese communist leader Ho Chi Minh and later became a protest anthem after Victor Jara, who had joined the Communist Party himself, was murdered by Chilean military officials under the order of then-president Augusto Pinochet in 1973, NPR reports.

The tune was also invoked this week by hoards of Chileans protesting economic inequalities under the rule of current President Sebastian Pinera, including Romero, whose performance of the song flew in the face of a curfew in the capital city of Santiago last month, imposed after protestors' clashes with police led to at least 18 deaths.

The artist herself later shared footage of her performance on her personal Instagram, writing, in Spanish, that she advises other artists to "demonstrate peacefully" in their own homes amid the curfew, like she did.

"It is necessary," Romero wrote.