Kim Kardashian might have just reignited Taylor Swift feud by sending fans into a frenzy with Instagram story

The feud that sparked countless snake memes, memorable song lyrics and countless other tweets and pop culture moments looks like it might be rising back from the dead just in time for the holiday season.

We are, of course, talking about Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, a feud that began over 10 years ago at the MTV VMA's when Kim's husband, Kanye West, infamously interrupted Swift upon receiving her award for Best Female Video.

Kardashian, who's been silent the past couple of years when it comes to all things Swift, posted an Instagram story over the weekend of her at a photoshoot with a song playing in the background that had Swfties and Kardashian stans alike scratching their heads and listening closely.

The song in question was Taylor Swift's 'Lover', the title track from her latest record.

In the clip below posted to Twitter, you can hear the song play over the course of Kardashian's November 1 Instagram stories:

Naturally, fans for both the stars sounded off on social media.

"'Make a good song that even your haters can't resist to listen to,'" one user tweeted.

"Desperate for attention," shaded another.

So was Kardashian extending an olive branch, making waves or simply just enjoying Swift's latest bop?

The world may never know, but a world in which Kardashian is a closet Swiftie is something we could certainly never Keep Up with.

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