Jordan Rodgers reveals 'best thing' that helps relationship with JoJo Fletcher


JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers top the list for one of the most successful relationships to come off ABC's "The Bachelorette."

The couple, who plan to tie the knot next summer, met on season 12 of the franchise which ended in a very public proposal. Recently, the pair took their reality TV talents to CNBC's "Cash Pad," which gives an inside look at their joint venture of flipping houses and remodeling homes together.

So what's the secret to their long lasting relationship? AOL caught up with Rodgers in New York City on behalf of his global campaign with Holiday Inn, where he revealed the "best thing" that has helped his relationship.

"When you are in a relationship we were always told the easiest way to break up is renovating a property together. Next easiest way is going into business together. We just happened to do both," Rodgers explained exclusively to AOL.

"But I think you realize that traveling brings people together whether when it's visiting people or whether it's your relationship, so the more we travel together the closer we got and the better we communicate and the more fun we have together. Traveling and working together has been the best thing for our relationship. It's been the best thing."

Traveling is a major part of Rodgers' extraordinarily busy schedule. Between his job as a sports commentator for ESPN and traveling across the country for "Cash Pad," the 31-year-old TV star rarely stays in one place.

"I do football during the season so I travel every single week to different cities all across the country. The Holiday Inn has 4,000 properties so it's easy to find one wherever I'm at...It's just a great partner that is very natural for me because I use it traveling for work all the time. We are [also] trying to encourage people to make real life connections and get out and visit and experience and make those real life connections," he explained of the hotel chain's "We're There" campaign, an initiative that celebrates authentic moments of human connection enabled through travel.

Rodgers also opened up his foolproof tip to staying in shape while traveling full-time, revealing that the key to making it work is to knock out your workout as soon as you land.

"It is hard, let me tell you. My biggest tip to anybody (and this is what I try to do myself) is do it as soon as you get there. You get off the plane, you get to the city and go knock out 20 minutes. It doesn't have to be a long workout - ten of fifteen minutes. Get it done. That's when you are going to do it. You're not going to when you crash and lay on the the bed. Doing it right away helps for me and early in the morning and getting it out of the way."