Did Harry Styles change Facebook gender pronoun to 'their'?

Harry Styles' indifference toward gender norms is no passing trend.

The 25-year-old announced Monday that his sophomore album, "Fine Line," will drop on Dec. 13, and the cover imagery suggests that the fine line in question is the one between "gay and "straight" or perhaps "male" and "female": Styles, who has long remained blasé in regards to speculation about his sexuality, is posed confidently against a pink and blue backdrop.

Beyond the symbolism of the album title and cover, some fans think a possible Facebook tweak further indicates that Styles is making a gendered statement. When a male user changes a profile image, the post usually reads "[Name] updated his profile picture" or "[Name] updated his cover photo." Styles' updates, however, read "Harry Styles updated their profile picture" and "Harry Styles updated their cover photo."

Source: Facebook

Facebook allows users to modify their gender preferences in their settings. However, it's unclear whether Styles intentionally made such a change. Some pages are automatically set up as non-gendered entities since they're public accounts, not personal accounts. (For example, if you go to country singer Toby Keith's Facebook page, you'll see that his profile picture changes are also labeled "their," not "his.")

Social media settings aside, there's no mistaking Styles' overall messaging. The music video for Styles' recent single "Lights Up" showed the singer shirtless and sweaty while dancing closely with men and women alike, leaving fans to draw their own conclusions.

Styles also in 2018 performed a song titled "Medicine" that fans quickly labeled a "bisexual anthem" thanks to the lyrics, "The boys and the girls are here, I mess around with them / And I'm okay with it. I'm coming down / I figured out I kinda like it, and when I sleep I'm gonna dream of how you tasted."

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