Rob Lowe shares 'vital' skincare tip as he launches his own skincare line (Exclusive)

Rob Lowe has become known for his timeless looks and ageless physique, and now the "St. Elmo's Fire" actor is sharing some of his secrets with the world.

Lowe, 55, recently launched a new skin care called PROFILE Cobalt, which is described as a "youth preserving, affordable luxury skincare line for the active man." The line features seven products that cost between $8.95 and $11.95 each, including a face scrub, shave gel, face wash and a SPF 30 face moisturizer.

"I wanted men to be able to afford a line they know is effective and they can trust," Lowe told AOL exclusively on the heels of his latest project. "Profile Cobalt is great because it focuses on the basics to achieving and maintaining great, healthy skin."

"The men’s skincare category continues to grow and there is a demand for a line designed for those who are new to men’s grooming," he added. "Men everywhere are starting to take care of themselves more seriously, and they’re doing it at a younger age."

For Lowe, taking care of his skin has always been a priority, and he shared the most "vital" aspect of his own routine from over the years with AOL.

"Moisturizing and sunscreen," he said. "It’s the single most vital step to maintaining healthy skin when someone is active."

Adding to the appeal of PROFILE Cobalt is the fact that it also has a focus on giving back. Lowe "personally selected" the Wounded Warrior Project as the brand's charity partner, meaning that the organization will receive a portion every purchase to help its mission to empower injured veterans of the armed forces.

Rob Lowe's new PROFILE Cobalt line is currently available on its website, with other retailers to be announced in the near future.