Melanie Griffith, 62, looks 'sublime' in bra and underwear on Instagram

Melanie Griffith has never looked better!

The 62-year-old "Working Girl" actress took to Instagram to promote celebrity stylists Simone Harouche and Jamie Mizrahi's new line of undergarments called The Kit, sharing a mirror photo of herself rock a matching black bra and underwear set with a pair of sexy black pumps.

"So these 2 awesome, creative, incredibly chic stylists..@sweetbabyjamie and @simoneharouche have started this amazing new lingerie line @thekitundergarments," she captioned the shot. "I love everything they have made and btw want one of each! They also donate a portion of anything you buy to charity. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ FOLLOW THEM!!"

In the photo, Griffith is wearing The Kit's T-Shirt Bra and High-Waist Thong in Onyx.

Naturally, fans and friends of the actress went wild for the photo: "This should be your new head shot," someone wrote, while others said she looked "fantastic," "amazing," "incredible" and "sublime."

"Work it momma!" another fan commented.

This isn't the first time that the actress has flaunted her age-defying figure on social media: Griffith has been known to share a bikini photo every so often with her followers on Instagram.

She's also not the first star to support The Kit on social media as of late: In celebration of the brand's recent launch, Harouche and Mizrahi's famous friends have been posting photos of themselves rocking the simple undergarments on Instagram all month long: Nicole Richie, Karlie Kloss, Lisa Rinna, Dakota Fanning, Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are just some of the famous faces who have shared the snaps supporting their stylist pals' latest venture. 

See photos of celebs wearing The Kit in the gallery below:

Celebrities wearing The Kit on Instagram
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Celebrities wearing The Kit on Instagram
Kendall Jenner I’ve known @kendalljenner since she was a baby. She navigated through her adolescence in the public eye, maintaining confidence and poise far beyond her years. She is authentic, compassionate and inquisitive. I’m inspired by her beauty (inside and out), and the comfort she has in her own body. #loveyourself #kitstokickcancer #wcrf xo Simone Kendall is wearing the Triangle Underwire Bra in Onyx and the Tap Short in Onyx. #KitstoKickCancer @wcrfcure
Kate Hudson @katehudson is one of the most confident, authentic, and positive women I know. She's a mother, a businesswoman, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, and to me, she’s always been a shoulder to lean on. Kate and I were pregnant at the same time—our kids are 3 days apart. She guided me through my entire pregnancy, serving as my best sounding board, and always gave me such great advice. She was there when my son was born. In the hospital, she taught me how to breastfeed. She’s that friend that pushes you to do better and be better even when you want to give up. We workout together, we go on adventures together, and through it all, I admire her every step, because she’s someone who’s grateful for all that her body does for her. So she eats well, she exercises, and more than anything, she loves herself. And she’s teaching her own kids how to love themselves, too. She’s constantly doing, pushing herself, and looking at the world in the most beautiful way—open to love and all the endless possibilities that life, and love, have to offer. Kate’s self-love inspires me, and continues to inspire us at The KiT. xo Jamie Kate is wearing the Classic Demi Bra in Forget Me Not and the Tap Short in Cinnamon. #KitstoKickCancer @wcrfcure
Mindy Kaling I’ve always loved Mindy Kaling’s humor. She brings a playfulness to the roles she creates onscreen and never takes herself too seriously. And what I love even more is how she approaches herself and her body the same way. She’s frank, she’s real, she’s open about her struggles, and she’s relatable in a best friend kind of way. She laughs, and she jokes, but beneath it all is an honest woman, mom, creator, and friend who brings so much realness to everything she does, with a sense of humor that brings a sense of ease to everyone around her. She speaks her truth and through that laugh of hers, we’re all right there with her. Just one of the many reasons why I, and so many of her fans, adore her and everything she is. She’s a role model, and a bright light for so many. xo Jamie Mindy is wearing the Long Sleeve Thong Bodysuit in Onyx. #KitstoKickCancer @wcrfcure
Diane Von Furstenberg When I think of self-love, self-empowerment, women's rights, and overall fierceness, I think of @therealdvf . A friend, mentor, inspiration, and icon to me (and so many before me), her electric energy and enthusiasm for everything she does is something to behold. When you're in her company, you feel it. You feel her presence, her sense of self, her appreciation for women—their bodies and their minds—and her sense of purpose. Her self-love runs deep, and it's built on years of growth, exploration, and working alongside other inspiring women. I’m always in awe of her and everything she does. xo Jamie Diane is wearing the Spaghetti Strap Thong Bodysuit in Onyx. #KitstoKickCancer @wcrfcure
Miley Cyrus I've known @mileycyrus for over ten years, as a client, collaborator and friend. She has a huge heart and uses her voice to speak on behalf of those who can't always be heard. She has an unending commitment to causes that advocate for equality and human rights. Miley exemplifies self-love. The world has watched her grow from a young girl into a woman and throughout it all, Miley has always remained true to herself...and is comfortable in her own skin. xo Simone Miley is wearing the Triangle Soft Bra in Onyx. #KitstoKickCancer @wcrfcure
Kourtney Kardashian I’ve been friends with @kourtneykardash since the 6th grade. I remember as a kid being at their house and staring at their hallways full of family photos. Family has always meant a lot to Kourtney. The idea of supporting one another is a principal that every one of the Kardashians lives by 100%. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Kourtney is sharing her selfie for her grandmother MJ, who is a breast cancer survivor. xo, Simone Kourtney is wearing the Classic Demi Bra in Onyx and the Tap Short in Onyx. #Kitstokickcancer @wcrfcure
Erin Foster @erinfoster has been my best friend for almost 10 years now. I met her through my husband, and in those ten years, she’s become like family—another sister. She’s been such a presence, and so important in our lives, we even asked her to marry us. As my friend, nothing is off-limits. We even joke that sometimes we may be a little too close—we share and know everything about eachother. Since we first met, we’ve grown together and continue to grow each day personally, professionally, and emotionally. Nothing means more than having her by my side, and being able to take anything on, knowing she’s in my corner. The most rewarding part of our friendship has been watching Erin’s growth, and seeing how much she’s worked on herself, worked on accepting herself, loving herself, and knowing she’s worthy…when we knew all along. To me, she’s the most supportive and most lovable friend I could have ever asked for. Now, she’s found her confidence and recognizes just how deserving of love she is. xo, Jamie Photo 1: Erin is wearing the Triangle Soft Bra in Cinnamon and the Bikini Brief in Onxy. Photo 2: Erin is wearing the Triangle Soft Bra in Cinnamon and the High-Waist Brief in Cinnamon. Photo 3: Erin is wearing the Classic Demi Bra in Cinnamon and the Seamless Cut Brief In Forget Me Not. #kitstokickcancer @wcrfcure
Hailey Bieber @haileybieber is beautiful inside and out and dedicated to the causes that she cares deeply about. That’s why she’s lending her platform to share her selfie for #KitstoKickCancer to help raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer this October. xo, Jamie & Simone Hailey is wearing the Triangle Soft Bra in Sweet Pea and the Bikini Brief in Sweet Pea. #kitstockickcancer @wcrfcure
Nicole Richie @nicolerichie has been a part of both of our lives for quite some time now. She’s a client, she’s an unfailing friend, and more than anything, she’s family to both of us. Nicole’s stunning on the outside, and talented in every role she’s taken on, but there’s so much more to Nicole that we’re lucky enough to see. As a friend, she’s endlessly supportive of every decision and every endeavor. As a mother, she’s dedicated and loving. As a business owner, she’s insightful and strategic. And to us, she’s hilarious, entertaining, caring, and committed. We’re lucky enough to know—and love—Nicole for who she is, what she gives, and everything she inspires. xo, Jamie & Simone Nicole is wearing the Demi Bra in Onyx. #kitstokickcancer @wcrfcure
Chelsea Handler “Will always take advantage of an opportunity to take pictures in my underwear. Love my new @TheKitUndergarments - 3% of proceeds this month will be donated to Women’s Cancer Research Fund so check them out #KitsToKickCancer” - @chelseahandler Chelsea is wearing the Molded Strapless Bra in Onyx. #kitstokickcancer @wcrfcure
Jessica Alba "Being perfect is being flawed, accepting it, and never letting it make you feel less than your best." - @jessicaalba Jessica is sharing her selfie for the #Kitstokickcancer campaign to help raise funds for @wcrfcure and their mission to find a cure for breast cancer. Jessica is wearing the Spaghetti Strap Thong Bodysuit in Cinnamon.
Lisa Rinna “ #kitstokickcancer @simoneharouche @sweetbabyjamie @wcrfcure #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth 💕 Both my mom and my sister are breast cancer survivors. 🙏🏻 take a mirror selfie in your @thekitundergarments 💞proceeds go to @wcrfcure “ - @lisarinna Lisa is wearing the Triangle Soft Bra in Sweet Pea and the Bikini Brief in Sweet Pea.
Dakota Fanning Remember ladies, get your boobies checked! @dakotafanning is getting intimate in @thekitundergarments to spread awareness for breast cancer awareness month! @wcrfcure #kitstokickcancer Dakota is wearing the Triangle Soft Bra in Cinnamon.
Zooey Deschanel Did you know breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women after skin cancer? That’s why @zooeydeschanel is lending her platform to raise awareness and funds for @wcrfcure #kitstokickcancer Zooey is wearing the Molded Plunge Soft Bra in Onyx.
Karlie Kloss Loving your bod means getting it checked where it matters. Book your mammogram or do a self exam and help raise awareness for breast cancer this October. @karliekloss is showing some skin for #kitstokickcancer @wcrfcure Karlie is wearing the Triangle Soft Bra in Onyx.
Billie Lourd @praisethelourd in the Triangle Underwire bra in Forget Me Not for #kitstokickcancer . All month long we have been donating 3% of every kit sold to @wcrfcure to help end breast cancer. Remember ladies, get your tata’s checked!
Melanie Griffith @melaniegriffith in the T-Shirt Bra and the High-Waist Thong in Onyx for #kitstokickcancer . We are donating 3% of every kit sold to @wcrfcure for breast cancer awareness month!

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