Venus Williams reveals the 'only show on TV' that she watches and it's so relatable (Exclusive)


Venus Williams loves reality TV just as much as the rest of us.

The 7-time grand slam champion spends much of her year on the road during the lengthy tennis season, giving her a lot of time to watch television on the countless plane rides she takes every year.

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So, when AOL's Gibson Johns got the chance to catch up with Venus when she was promoting her partnership with Clorox, we had to know: What shows does she like to watch?

"I watch '90 Day Fiancé.' I love that show. It’s the only show on TV that I watch," she told AOL with a laugh. "I just love that show, so I’ve seen every season. That’s my thing. Some seasons are better than others, but most are very good."

Williams isn't alone in loving the addictive TLC series, which has been on for six seasons and spawned five spinoffs: Chrissy Teigen, Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin and Lady Gaga are all known fans of the juggernaut.

The tennis star also plans on catching up on "90 Day Fiancé" during the upcoming tennis off-season, which will last until the 2020 season kicks off in January. Also on her agenda for her time off? Continuing to focus on her interior design business V Starr Interiors, her clothing brand EleVen, spending time with her father, Richard, and, well, just sleeping in.

"I’m always focused on [my businesses], but remotely, so [the off-season] is always an opportunity to do more face-to-face, which is great," she explained. "I also try to spend a lot of time with my dad. That’s important to me, too, to make sure he gets a lot of love, and then also just doing some really normal things like stay in bed in the morning. Those sorts of things are luxurious."

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