Cozy up in Belle's castle library at Disney World's new Enchanted Rose bar and lounge


The "Beauty and the Beast" castle just came to life: Walt Disney World has officially opened its Enchanted Rose lounge, where guests can unwind with a cocktail by candlelight inside bookworm Belle's library.

Disney fans will love exploring the lounge's four rooms, each with their own theme drawn from the iconic fairy tale. Upon entering the main room, guests are greeted by a yellow chandelier inspired by the layered pickups of Belle's sweeping gold gown. From there, head into an emerald-walled room that takes cues from the Black Forest, which has returned to its lush green state now that the Beast's spell has finally lifted.

Above: The main bar inside the Enchanted Rose, Disney's new "Beauty and the Beast"-themed restaurant inside the Grand Floridian Resort. (Photo: Kent Williams / Disney)

The coziest room is Belle's library, which features a candlelit fireplace, classic baroque furniture and, of course, dozens of books. Look carefully at the bookshelves: Overlooking the lounge from their perches are Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth, and atop the fireplace is the enchanted rose itself.

Two signature cocktails are menu showstoppers: The "Love," which is topped off with a smattering of rose petals, and the "Envy," which is garnished with a dried green apple crisp. As your bartender arrives to mix each drink at your table, he or she will tell you a magical story that explains each ingredient.

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Although it's located inside the 5-star Grand Floridian Resort (you can book your stay here), you don't have to stay at the hotel in order to spend an evening at the Enchanted Rose. But if you do book a stay, you'll have access to a small white sand beach, live daily music from the hotel's grand pianist and orchestra, and even a view of the Magic Kingdom's nightly fireworks over Cinderella's castle. (You can grab tickets to the Magic Kingdom here.)

If the Grand Floridian is a bit out of your price range, there are plenty of more budget-friendly Disney hotel choices, some with rates as low as $99 a night.

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