Erin Andrews rejects the hate from a Twitter troll over her 'DWTS' outfit in the best way

Clapping back with love! Dancing With the Stars co-host Erin Andrews is refusing to let Internet hate get to her. The 41-year-old journalist sported some killer sparkly bell bottom pants on Monday night's show, and it's pretty clear we were big fans:

Erin Andrews
David Livingston/Getty Images

But not everyone was as kind about Andrews' disco queen look. In a since-deleted tweet, one follower wrote, "Those are the most hideous baby s#it green metal flake pants I have ever seen. Your bony hips protruding out and your bowlegged stance are not doing anything to make that ensemble any more attractive dear. Whomever let you wear that should be ashamed of themselves."

Erin's proud dad, Steve Andrews, did not take this rude comment lightly. He quickly replied, "Mary, I hope your daughter is never subjected to such a classless remark. Sending positive thoughts your way."

Erin mirrored the sentiment, writing, "Mary..I echo what my father just tweeted you. I hope your children are NEVER subjected to such disgusting remarks. Thank goodness my parents taught me to how to be kind and spread love! Love you Mom and Dad."

Erin also posted a Boomerang video of herself rocking the sparkly pants, writing, "MOOD 💚💚 💃🕺@brunotonioliofficial @dancingabc@kikihaircutter @lisaashleybeauty@anitapatrickson @vtrilling@thefenster."

Erin has had to face far worse than online trolls in her life. Earlier this year she opened up to ET's Deidre Behar about her battle with cervical cancer.

"It's a lot but, to be honest with you, it could've been a lot worse and it could've gone a different way," she told ET at the time. "So thankfully it didn't and thankfully I went and got tested."


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