Former GOP Rep. Sean Duffy joins CNN, immediately draws viewer ire: 'Beyond belief'

Former GOP Rep. Sean Duffy appeared on CNN’s “New Day” Monday morning, just one day after he was announced as a new commentator for the network. Burt Duffy wasn’t the only one commentating: Viewers aired their grievances on Twitter in the early hours of the day.

“Beyond belief,” wrote one Twitter user. “@CNN hired another GOP propagandist–Sean Duffy. In a matter of minutes, he’s pushed junk Republican talking points, conspiracy theories exonerating Trump & Russia, smeared Biden, and said people love the policies and Trump’s not making any money off presidency.”

The user added a few emoji faces — “mind-blown” and “embarrassed” — for emphasis.

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Another wrote to the network: “epic failure with the Sean Duffy hire….you’re letting this jack ass promote debunked conspiracy garbage. Changing the channel every time he’s on….FU.”

Duffy is a familiar face to “New Day” viewers. During his time in office, he appeared on the morning show regularly. In his capacity as Trump transition team vice chair, he used a booking on the show to lambast Democrats who didn’t want to attend President Donald Trump’s inauguration: “Donald Trump won, you may not like him… but show up… Put your big boy pants on.”

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The hiring of the conservative commentator comes as CNN faces criticism for “biased news” that is unfavorable to the Republican president. The criticism is coming from Trump himself. Friday, his lawyer promised legal action against the network through a new letter in which he accused the network of being “highly biased” and of violating the Lanham Act, which prohibits false advertising.

A representative for CNN did not immediately return a request for comment on the hiring of Duffy or negative reaction to it.

Meanwhile, tweets like this are still pouring in: “Oh my god ewwww why is a–hole conspiracy theorist Sean Duffy on CNN now??? Ewww #NewDay. Done with CNN for good. You all are seriously f—ed up if you think this is who your viewers want to hear from. #BoycottCNN #SeanDuffy.”

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