Carson Daly and wife Siri have unexpected workaround for lack of date nights (Exclusive)

Carson Daly and his wife, Siri, live a hectic life with three children -- and a fourth on the way! -- and two busy careers, which leaves little time for date nights.

So, sometimes, the couple, who have been together for going on 15 years now, turns work trips into romantic getaways in order to be able to find time to spend alone with one another.

"We were once really good at the date night thing, and that just kind of fizzled after three kids, but you still have to try to make time for each other," Siri told AOL's Gibson Johns during a recent interview promoting her partnership with Pure Farmland. "I’ll even try to sneak away and try to go to California with him for the finale of 'The Voice' -- those are our dates sometimes!"

While one-on-one time proves to be a rarity for Carson and Siri, who share son Jackson, 10, and daughters Etta, 7, and London, 5, as they continue to grow their family while maintaining their packed work schedules, their dual commitment to being together as a family of five as much as possible more than makes up for it.

"Carson is such a homebody, so he really just wants to be at home very second he gets. He’ll take red eyes just to see them before they go to school," the expectant mother explained. "As a family, we prioritize family dinners and his schedule is pretty manageable when he’s not going back and forth [from New York and Los Angeles]. He comes home from the 'Today' show, and we try to at least eat together each night."

And what do those family dinners look like these days? Well, Siri has found herself adapting a "flexitarian" diet, which simply means that she is "consciously trying to eat less meat," and Pure Farmland's plant-based products are a perfect companion for that. While the approach works for her, though, she's had to find a balance with getting her kids to eat well, despite their oftentimes picky eating habits.

"I definitely find myself in that balance with my family of trying to consider all the options, eat leaner and help out the environment," Daly said. "If there’s something new I want to try out, I have to make sure it works well for my family. The flexitarian approach does work well, because it’s not all or nothing."

While new additions to the family and new work gigs have forced them to put extra effort into allowing for ample family time, the low-key lifestyle that they live on Long Island is nothing new for the couple, who moved from Santa Monica, California, about six years ago now.

"I just try to maintain a down to earth, balanced lifestyle. Carson is like that, too, and that’s what attracted me to him in the first place," the "Siriously Delicious" author explained. "If you didn’t know what his name was or what he does, you would have no idea. Family is really important to him, friends are really important to him and so is being at home. We really just try to have a normal lifestyle."