Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about starting Foodstirs: 'I just really wanted to try something else' (Exclusive)

Over the past five years, Sarah Michelle Gellar has cultivated an extremely successful second career for herself.

As she continued on her decades-long acting career, the former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star and mother of two co-founded the "junk-free baking" company, Foodstirs, alongside pals Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman, in 2015. The company launched as a way to make healthier and more accessible with at-home mixes containing better ingredients than classic options and has since evolved to include ready-made snacks.

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"I had a career that was going pretty well and I just really wanted to try something else," Gellar told AOL during a recent interview to promote her partnership with Colgate Optic White.

"Foodstirs developed out of a need for a product," she went on. "Our kids were really interested in baking, and they wanted to have this baking championship, and my knowledge of baking [was] all eating, and I was not going to do something from scratch. I don't have the time to get 30 million ingredients, so I went to the store, and we were shocked that in 2015 when you go to the store, the only things were the traditional legacy boxed brands [...] where the number one ingredient was salt."

"We said, 'That's so odd, everyone knows you don't want to eat like that' [with all of the] the preservatives and the chemicals. But, then the other side of the spectrum, you can go the healthy route and then it was punishing your taste buds," Gellar continued. "So we were like, 'Why wasn't there a brand that speaks to the person who wants an indulgent treat?'"

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"We launched Foodstirs to give you that real home and hearth experience of baking," Gellar said. "And now we are in over 8,000 stores."

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