Keke Palmer and Sara Haines appeared on 'Watch What Happens Live' in drag


"I don't know who this man is..."

So goes the viral video of Keke Palmer talking about former Vice-President Dick Cheney, but the same could be said for her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" on Thursday night.

The "Hustlers" actress bartended on Andy Cohen's late-night Bravo talk show alongside her "Strahan Sara and Keke" co-host, Sara Haines, where both women appeared in drag as the night's bartenders.

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At the top of the show, Cohen introduced Palmer and Haines as Kelan and Sean from the show's IT department.

"Behind the bar, bringing corporate office realness to the Clubhouse, it's two of my colleagues from the 'Watch What Happens Live' IT department: Kelan and Sean!" he said. "Great to see you! I'm assuming this is your TV debut."

Throughout the half-hour episode of "WWHL," Cohen checked in with the two stars for some back-and-forth banter, but the most notable moment came at the end of the night when Cohen tee'd them up for the big reveal, explaining that their disguises were in promotion of Bravo's latest show.

"In honor of Bravo's new show 'In A Man's World,' which is executive-produced by Viola Davis, this follows women as they transform into a man for an eye-opening social experiment," Cohen said before turning to the bar. "You guys have a special surprise, Kelan and Sean..."

The two then held up signs with their actual identities on them, prompting audible gasps and laughter from the studio audience, as well as the night's guests, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer from "The Office."

"I've been dying the whole show," Cohen said, before Palmer maintained that they "really committed" to going undercover and surprising everyone.

Watch the full moment unfold here: