Is Megyn Kelly returning to Fox News? Insiders reveal her plans for the future


No, Megyn Kelly is not returning to Fox News.

The television personality sparked speculation that she was planting the seed to return to the news network that made her a household name when she appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" this week, but a spokesperson for the show says that the appearance was a "one-time occurrence."

"Megyn Kelly’s forthcoming guest appearance on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' was coordinated weeks ago and is a one-time occurrence," the rep explained earlier in the week. "Any future programming changes we are considering do not involve her."

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Sources close to Kelly confirmed to Page Six following her appearance that the star indeed has other tricks up her sleeve -- none of which involve returning to a major network -- with insiders going so far as to say that Kelly's tumultuous 18 months at NBC News made her "radioactive" to network news.

Indeed, during her appearance on Fox News on Wednesday night, it was clear that Kelly is still at odds with former employer NBC and the way in which they've dealt with the Matt Lauer scandal, which Kelly has never been shy about speaking out on.

"The number one thing that needs to happen now is they need to release any and all Matt Lauer accusers from their confidentiality agreements," Kelly said to Carlson. "NBC says they have nothing to hide, great. Let’s not hide anything."

"There needs to be an outside investigation into this company. They investigated themselves, that doesn’t work," she added. "Fox News had an outside investigator. CBS News had an outside investigator. NPR. The NFL. This is how it’s done. You get somebody on the outside who can be trusted."

So, instead of returning to Fox News or jumping to another news network, what are Kelly's plans for the future? Sources told Page Six that the former "Megyn Kelly Today" host will soon launch her own news production company inspired by the success that former "nemesis" Bill O'Reilly has had since his ousting at Fox.

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The outlet reported that Kelly "has taken a close interest" in O'Reilly's highly successful "No Spin News" subscription video podcast, noting that she's hoping to set up shop in a Midtown, New York, office space to expand the "Kelly brand" ahead of the 2020 election. She also hopes to produce documentaries touching on topics she's passionate about like advocating for victims of sexual harassment and assault.

It was her appearance on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" and the fanfare around it that proved to Megyn Kelly that she "firmly belongs back in the news," sources added.

"Megyn has been talking to a lot of powerful media execs," an insider said. "When you love what you do, it’s hard to stay away for too long."