Suzanne Somers celebrated turning 73 in her birthday suit: 'Good for you!'

Suzanne Somers is celebrating her 73rd birthday the best way she knows how -- in her birthday suit!

The former "Three's Company" actress celebrated her birthday this week, and she posted a photo of herself completely nude to celebrate the milestone day with her followers on Instagram.

"Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!" she captioned the racy snap, which shows the blonde star crouching behind some desert shrubbery in Palm Springs, California.

See Suzanne Somers in her birthday suit in the gallery below:

The photo was certainly celebrated by her followers, who wished her happy birthday and commended her for posting the snap online.

"Wow good for you," one person commented, while others called her "beautiful" and declared her their "idol."

Someone else joked that she should "do Playboy again."

See more photos of Suzanne Somers: