Prince William and Kate Middleton's plane has 'two aborted landings' during electrical storm in Pakistan

Prince William and Kate Middleton had a travel scare during the royal tour of Pakistan on Thursday.

While flying from Lahore back to Islamabad, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's plane encountered a terrifying electrical storm, resulting in two aborted emergency landings. Eventually, the aircraft was forced to turn around and return to Lahore.

The flight was scheduled to take 25 minutes, but the RAF Voyager ended up being in the air for over two hours, People reports. The two attempted landings occurred at the Pakistani Royal Air Force base and a commercial airport, The Sun reports.

Press Association reporter Emma Louise Bowden tweeted a scary video taken from the media section of the plane, showing the intense lightning that the plane was attempting to get through.

"Those big flashes are the RAF Voyager, carrying William, Kate and travelling media, going through lighting [sic]," she tweeted. "Two aborted landings at Islamabad due to the storm and we’re back in Lahore."

Royals reporter Emily Andrews also tweeted about the "drama on the royal flight."

According to People, after the plane landed safely back in Lahore, Prince William ventured back to the plane to reassure the media traveling with Kate and him that everything was okay. He also joked that he had been the one flying the plane and that they should all hit the town together following the scary incident, per Andrews.

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