DJ Anna Lunoe makes touring and releasing music while she's pregnant look easy

A pregnant Beyonce famously pulled out of Coachella in 2017 before even more famously headlining the following year at the Empire Polo Grounds. It turned out, however, that anyone who attended Coachella in 2017 still could have seen a performance from a beloved artist while she was pregnant.

Australian DJ, vocalist and radio host Anna Lunoe announced she was expecting just days before she threw down one of her signature bass house sets in the sweltering desert heat. Skrillex even stopped by her set to congratulate her on stage.

About two years after she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Willa, Lunoe is again pregnant with her soon-to-be son, who’s expected to arrive in spring 2020.

“The cool thing about this pregnancy is the bulk of my touring was at the very beginning,” Lunoe told AOL. “I wasn’t really showing, so I was able to keep it to myself. … You can’t really tell people too soon because it jinxes it a little bit.”

Even though the secret wasn’t out yet this summer, she still had to take minor precautions while touring for her health. Fortunately, that included some sweet perks that sparked some jealousy amongst her friends and fellow performers backstage.

“I had everyone hustling for food for me,” Lunoe said. “I would be DJing and someone would come up and give me a beautiful smoothie. … I was hanging out with my friends and someone handed me vegetable curry. They were like, ’What? Anna’s getting some serious service.’ They were cranky about it. But it’s obvious, now.”

As she did for Willa, Lunoe expects to take a couple months off from touring after giving birth and only has a handful of gigs booked for the rest of the year. But if she sticks to the same routine she did before, you’ll still be able to hear her every week on her Apple Music Beats 1 radio show Hyperhouse, which continued without a break in 2017.

Lunoe was so committed to the show that she prerecorded episodes for her two weeks off and resumed recording from her house for a while after that abbreviated maternity leave.

“I never stopped listening to music, I never unplugged from the scene,” Lunoe said. “I thought [maternity leave] was going to feel like a long time, but it didn’t at all.”

If Lunoe’s fans didn’t already know her second pregnancy won’t keep her from her work, she released a new single just two weeks after revealing her bump. The gritty club slammer “One Thirty” is her first collaboration with fellow Aussie Nina Las Vegas, whom she met in 2006 while they were both working at FBi Radio in Sydney. One of dance music’s most endearing friendships has followed.

"I was working reception one morning, because you had to work reception to start getting involved in shows," Lunoe said. "She came in and I remember meeting her, and we would see each other around for 3 months. Then, we started making plans and doing stuff together and we quickly became really good friends."

What lies ahead for Lunoe? Aside from becoming a mother of two, she doesn’t have a clue. She admittedly doesn’t plan anything more than 6 months in advance.

However, she does have one goal in mind.

“I want to play in Ibiza. I’ve never played there,” Lunoe said. “The opportunities have come up when it doesn’t make sense for me and it hasn’t happened, but I would like that. I don’t even know if I need to play there, I just need to go and have fun for two weeks.”

You can’t blame her for wanting to get away for two weeks — even if it may be the maximum amount of time she can bear to spend away from the studio.