'The Farewell' director Lulu Wang surprises moviegoer watching film alone in theater


A man who thought he would be watching a movie by himself got the ultimate surprise when the film's director showed up to the screening.

The moviegoer was seated for a 10:15 p.m. screening of "The Farewell" at New York's Angelika Film Center on Monday when suddenly, he was sharing the theater with the movie's creator, Lulu Wang.

Wang, who wrote and directed the movie based on her own life experiences as a Chinese-born American, posted about the encounter on Twitter.

"I took my best friend to the Angelika last night to see ["The Farewell"] as real audience members in a theater where we've seen countless films together over the years," Wang tweeted. "There was one other audience member there and I surprised him with a Q&A."

The director also shared a video from the evening, in which she comically stands in front of the screen while addressing her lone audience member.

"Please stay after for the Q&A," she says in the video. "You're the only audience member here — these are my friends."

The man can be seen nodding and grinning as Wang discusses her film. At one point, he turns to the person recording the video with a face of total shock.

"The Farewell" was originally released in July, which might explain the empty theater. The movie, which stars Awkwafina as a woman living in New York who returns to China following her grandmother's cancer diagnosis, has received rave reviews from critics.

It's unclear what Wang's solo moviegoer thought of the film, but Twitter users were quick to respond with positive reactions to the encounter. Barry Jenkins, who directed the Oscar-winning 2016 film "Moonlight" chimed in as well.