Kim Kardashian defends Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry amid media scrutiny

Kim Kardashian West is defending Meghan Markle.

The KKW Beauty founder, who has faced her fair share of public scrutiny over the years, defended the Duchess of Sussex while in Armenia last week after a local reporter asked her about what she thinks of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

"I think that everyone makes their own choices and decisions,' she said. 'And I think that, like I said, no one's gonna be perfect. I'm not, they’re not. I don't know who is," Kardashian said, according to The Daily Mail.

"I still love and value the fact they bring such attention to such important movements that need to happen and things that they're really passionate about...They're still changing the world," she added during her appearance at the Armenia Technology Convention in Yerevan.

Meghan has been the subject media criticism ever since becoming a royal. Earlier this month, Prince Harry announced that he would be "taking legal action" against the British tabloids for publishing a handwritten letter that Meghan wrote to her father.

Hilary Clinton also came to Meghan's defense during a recent interview with The Sunday Times, calling out the "inexplicable" way that she's been treated since becoming a royal.