Tiger Woods is writing a memoir to address 'speculative and wrong' stories about his personal life

Tiger Woods wants to go on the record.

Ten years after his car, and then career, came crashing to a halt, the golf champion is writing a memoir that chronicles his highest highs and lowest lows. The goal, Woods said in a statement Tuesday, is to correct false narratives.

"I've been in the spotlight for a long time, and because of that, there have been books and articles and TV shows about me, most filled with errors, speculative and wrong," Woods said.

The book, titled "Back," does not yet have a release date and will be published by HarperCollins. His "friends, family and inner circle" are on board with Woods' plan to be as candid as possible.

After documenting Woods' upbringing, his ascent to athletic superstardom, and the "physical anguish" of serious injuries, the memoir will build up to his "astonishing comeback at 43 years old," culminating with his "thrillingly impossible" victory at the 2019 Masters.

Tucked in the middle will presumably be details about Woods' personal life, which was the subject of relentless tabloid fodder in 2009. Reports emerged of his alleged infidelity just months after he and then-wife Elin Noredegren welcomed their second child, and a confusing Thanksgiving blowout ensued. His reputation, and consequently his career and brand partnerships, suffered tremendously.

Years later, in 2017, Woods would be arrested for reckless driving allegedly related to drug or alcohol consumption. It was a major personal setback, and he did not compete in the PGA Tour that year. He returned in 2018, and by 2019, he was back on top in an emotional win witnessed around the world.