President Trump tells 'Dancing with the Stars' viewers to vote for Sean Spicer

2020 election be damned: Today, the only votes on President Trump's mind are those of "Dancing With the Stars."

"Vote for good guy Sean Spicer tonight on Dancing With The Stars," Trump tweeted on Monday. "He has always been there for us!"

Spicer, of course, served as the White House Communications Director for a tumultuous six months. From January through July 2017, his press briefings were almost universally perceived as disastrous, spawning "Saturday Night Live" spoofs and scathing op-eds.

Two years later, Spicer is back on TV screens, this time dancing the salsa in ruffled neon blouses. He's lost 17 pounds by sweating it out on the dance floor, and he's also been spray tanning, he revealed to USA Today. And although Trump tweeted his support on Monday, Spicer says he has not spoken to him in recent months.

"I've been told by folks that he has at least seen photos or snippets," Spicer said, "but I have not gotten his feedback."

Spicer's "comeback," if you will, is one of the main reputation rehabilitation stories to emerge among ex-Trump administration staffers. Reporters were hopeful that his 2017 exit from the Trump administration would bring normalcy back to the podium, but that optimism was short-lived: Temporary successor Anthony Scaramucci only brought more chaos.

Like Spicer, Scaramucci has also attempted to re-brand himself as a TV personality, appearing on "Celebrity Big Brother," "Real Time with Bill Maher" and dozens of other programs; the Washington Post has labeled his re-emergence "surprisingly tolerable."

The Mooch was replaced by Hope Hicks, who in February 2018 testified that she had told "white lies" to protect the president. She announced the next day she would resign from her position. She's now prioritizing Hollywood over D.C., working as the chief communications officer for Fox.