Meghan McCain, Kathy Griffin slam fake Trump massacre video: 'Disgusting and disturbing'

A graphic video depicting a Donald Trump-like figure on a violent rampage against the media and his critics has sparked outrage, including from Kathy Griffin and Meghan McCain.

The New York Times reported that the violent video parody was shown at an American Priority conference for Trump supporters at Trump National Doral Miami last week. Trump did not attend. It showed his critics as well as members of the media, including Yahoo News, caught in the middle of a violent church rampage. “Trump” struck the late John McCain in the neck and stabbed Rosie O’Donnell in the head. Griffin was taken out with an ax. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Mika Brzezinski were also among the many “victims” in the video, which used the logo for Mr. Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

A video depicting a fake President Trump going on a rampage against the media and his critics was shown at a conference for his supporters at Trump National Doral Miami last week. (Screenshot: Twitter)

The whole “Church of Fake News” scene is actually a parody of the 2014 Colin Firth action film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

On Monday, as outrage over the video spread, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said Trump “strongly condemns this video,” though added that he hadn’t even seen it.

A spokesman for Trump’s campaign, Tim Murtaugh, told the Times he knew nothing about the video, saying it “was not produced by the campaign, and we do not condone violence.”

And there has been outrage. Meghan McCain came to the defense of her father, who died in 2018. She called the video “disturbing and disgusting” and said that “any human with any moral clarity sees that.”

She went on to express worry that the video “could inspire violence toward REAL people.”

Cindy McCain — John McCain’s widow and Meghan’s mother — also expressed her disgust.

Griffin reacted as well to being portrayed in it. The irony wasn’t lost on her that she is shown being killed in this after being vilified for her 2017 photoshoot holding Trump’s fake severed head. She was investigated by the Secret Service for it.

“I’m depicted as being murdered by the President of the United in this video,” she wrote — though someone from CNN was shown hitting her with an ax as she fell to the floor. “The left, right & center left me hanging out to dry regarding the Trump mask photo. Please don’t let it happen again. No, this video isn’t a joke to his followers. And it will not be taken as such.”

Though she didn’t expect anyone to have her back over it — at least publicly.

American Priority said in a statement on its website that the "unauthorized" video was shown in a side room at the conference and wasn't "approved, seen or sanctioned."

According to the Associated Press, the video was first published on YouTube in July 2018 and has more than 100,000 views.

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