Ashley Graham doesn't leave home without this $5 pedicure trick


There's nothing like a self-care Sunday and turning your home into a spa. We all deserve spa-like treatments every now and then and, with winter around the corner, it's time to start stocking your vanity with all of the must-have hydrating beauty products. Luckily, Ashely Graham has the scoop on the best one!

The 31-year-old model recently shared her best kept beauty secret to ELLE, revealing how she takes care of her feet since she never has time in her busy schedule for a pedicure.

"It's like a sock. It's a foot mask so because I'm always on the go, I never have time for a pedicure. I carry one of those scrubbers for my heels because it gets thick back there and I carry these foot masks from Sephora, and that why my feet are glistening right now," the model explained to ELLE.

"I use the hand masks, too," she says. "I just throw it in my bag if I'm feeling dry or if I feel like my cuticles needs a little love. I also always travel with a cuticle trimmer. I hate skin. If I see a little piece of skin, I cut it."

Sephora Collection Foot Mask, $5.00

Another affordable product she swears by? Aquaphor. "I put it on my heels, my elbows. I put it on my lips. I mean, I've used it like a moisturizer on a plane if I have to. Not for the full face—that's a little crazy," Graham told ELLE.