Harry Styles responds to struggling fan in sweetest way: 'I'll wait for you'

It's been a whirlwind of a past few years for former One Direction frontman Harry Styles.

The superstar has undergone both a musical and emotional transformation, focusing on promotion and inclusion of social justice groups by plastering 'end gun violence' and 'black lives matter' stickers on his guitar, alluding to his sexual fluidity and making bold, non-conforming fashion choices like heels and pearl earrings.

Simply stated, Styles has become more comfortable with being who he authentically is at his core, a place he can presumably only have arrived at through deliberate self care and acceptance.

Styles, who released a new song and an accompanying sweaty and sexy music video titled 'Lights Up' on October 11, took it to Twitter on Thursday to respond to a fan who expressed excitement towards attending Styles' upcoming tour -- so much excitement that she was willing to miss a therapy session for it:

"I guess therapy can wait," Twitter user @harrysenigma wrote, "... HS2 and tour can’t."

Styles responded in earnest on World Mental Health Day by telling the fan to go to the therapy session:


"Go to therapy, it’s important," Styles wrote.

He finished the tweet with four words that would send any teenage girl (or boy) squealing, coming from the heartthrob himself: "I’ll wait for you."

Styles is expected to go on tour sometime in the upcoming year, with no set date for an album release confirmed as of this time.

But no matter how long it takes for his new music to come out, his fans will be waiting -- and it's nice to know that he'll be waiting for them, too.