Wendy Williams hints that Diddy allegedly sent a girl group to beat her up in the '90s

Wendy Williams dropped a bombshell during Thursday's episode of "The Wendy Williams show."

The Emmy-winning talk show host recalled a 1990's incident, revealing that a "music mogul" once sent a musical girl group to jump her.

"Once upon a time, there was music mogul who sent his all-girl group to beat my a-- in front of the radio station. I finish my shift, round up my headphones to see everyone lined up on the side of the window, looking down at the sidewalk."

“And I’m going downstairs, and my new boyfriend at the time (the bad Kevin) and I go downstairs to see this girl group jump out of a gypsy cab to kick my a--."

Although Williams did not name specific names, she mentioned that the scary experience will be part of her biopic, slated to premiere in early 2020. “What I did was desire to do better so I could have a purple chair and talk about it right now and have the whole thing play out in a Lifetime movie,” she added.

P. "Diddy" Combs is rumored to be the "music mogul" Williams is referring to. The daytime host once alleged that members of the girl group, Total, "took a cab to confront her," according to US Weekly. Total was signed to Bad Boy Records, the label that Diddy has owned since 1993.

Wendy Williams is set to executive produce the upcoming Lifetime biopic in collaboration with Will Packer, who produced the hit film "Girls Trip." An "unknown" actress is set to portray Williams.

In July, Williams opened up about the movie one of her episodes stating, "There's also a documentary about my life. So, the movie will be two hours and then the documentary is going to be two hours... It's like a Wendy night on Lifetime. The documentary is gathering people in my life — not just my mom and dad and siblings and stuff, but old bosses or friends and people in the business, to talk about me behind my back."