MSNBC anchor's son adorably crashes live broadcast: Watch!

MSNBC correspondent Courtney Kube got an adorable surprise while presenting some breaking news on Wednesday morning.

The NBC News host, who specializes in national security and the Pentagon, was talking about Turkish airstrikes being underway in northern Syria during a live broadcast when her son wandered onto set and interrupted her, grabbing her shoulder and microphone chord multiple times.

"Excuse me, my kids are here!" she smiled as she brushed him away. "Live television!"

Kube then quickly continued on with her presentation of breaking news as if nothing had happened.

The moment quickly gained traction when MSNBC posted it on Twitter after it happened, and users gave Kube nothing but praise for the way she handled the unexpected moment.

"Kudos to her pulling it together after that," one of the top responses read. "That's a pro right there. Well done!"

"ALL working moms can understand," another person replied, while others called it an example of "multi-tasking at its best"

"@MSNBC gets a win for supporting their working moms on this one," a subsequent person responded. "because that little boy just looks happy to be there, and we don't hear any crying when he leaves. Nice."

Watch the moment at the top of the page.