How to achieve Jessica Simpson's remarkable 100-pound weight loss

Jessica Simpson has been making headlines for her incredible body transformation.

The mom of three took to Instagram to reveal that she lost 100 pounds in six months, noting that she "tipped the scales at 240" after giving birth to her third baby.

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So how did she do it? AOL caught up with Jessica's longtime trainer and Sweetkick founder, Harley Pasternak, who shared the tips and tricks Jessica used to get back in shape.

"Three meals and two snacks a day following the principles of the Body Reset Diet --  where she's having protein, fiber and healthy fat in her meals. She loves Tex-Mex flavor. She doesn't want eating well to feel like a punishment or a diet. The food still has to be delicious and that's why she was really able to (and still does) continue with it," he explained.

"There's a great apple pie smoothie in there that she [Jessica] loves. Sometimes in the morning she'll do a scramble. The Body Reset Diet is smoothies, soups, salads, scrambles, stir fry and sandwiches. It's really simple and doable. Unlike me, I like the same thing every morning, Jessica really mixes it up and she's so busy between three kids and running big businesses, I think it gives her variety. She's amazing," Pasternak said.

The Body Reset Diet was made popular by Pasternak through his best-selling book, The Body Reset Diet Cookbook: 150 Recipes To Power Your Metabolism, which has garnered a cult-following. 

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"I bought this book year ago and I lost 40 pounds on smoothies I just love it . I had problem with BP cholesterol, but everything is healthy now. Recommend this book to anybody who wants to be healthy. I also got the cookbook and this author just amazes me. I am really grateful. I can’t even describe in words how much this book helped me. I practically think it saved my life," one Amazon customer reviewed.

Pasternak recently founded Sweetkick, a 14-day sugar reset in the form of a powerful breath mint.

"It's a plant-based mint. It's the safest thing in the entire world. You just pop it in your mouth. It's a two-week rest. It's a blend of the active ingredients Gymnema (a flower), inulin (found in jicama and artichoke) and Spearmint oil -- and when you combine it together, it actually goes into your sugar receptors, so when you eat sugar there's no room left for sugar to bind to your taste receptors on your tongue so you don't taste sugar," Pasternak  explained. 

The mint sold out nationally after it aired on E!'s "Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian." Shop it here.

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