National Mean Girls Day: Here's how to get tickets to the Broadway show

On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was

It was those words by Lindsay Lohan that suddenly resonated with the cult-following "Mean Girls" fanbase - marking October 3rd as National Mean Girls Day.

And while it's been 14 years since the iconic movie made its debut, Tina Fey has brought her talents to Broadway with the stage adaption of the film, which was nominated for an impressive 12 Tony awards.

Whether you're the ultimate "Mean Girls" fan or just looking for the New York experience, people around the world are praising the production.

"Dancing was outstanding, singing was incredible- the show is so well cast. Set design is so creative. You won't want the show to end! Fun, great characters-great lesson to be learned in the best way. You will feel uplifted and smile all the way home," one reviewer wrote on Ticketmaster.

Another reviewer wrote, "Amazing production. Very talented cast from actors, set designs, lighting, crew and amazing orchestra! Can’t wait to see again. Tina Fey thank you for this great show to open up teenage drama. Love to see more of these stories come to stage."

From matinees to weeknight shows, Stubhub is selling tickets for as little as $69.00 and TodayTix has a few left at just $59.00! Shop "Mean Girls" on Broadway here.