Wendy Williams on re-entering the dating scene: 'I'm a wife, not a girlfriend'

Wendy Williams is giving us all a crash course in dating after divorce.

The newly-single talk show host revealed on "Late Night" this week that she most certainly plans to marry again in the future, and she knows exactly what she's looking for in her new man.

"Here's what I need," she told Seth Meyers. "I need you to be at least in your fifties, or maybe 48-plus. Grown children who are not living with you. You need to live by yourself, so we can hang out at your house or my house. There's no one in my house but me."

In the aftermath of her split from ex Kevin Hunter, her husband of more than two decades, Williams has learned quite a bit about herself in regards to relationships, she said.

"What I've discovered is I'm a wife, not a girlfriend, and I will get married again," she said.

Her mandate on grown children, she said, is non-negotiable: "I'm not dealing with a five-year-old calling me 'Mommy,' get out of here with that," she said. "Freshman year in high school, help him with homework, get out of here with that."

Meyers asked whether she's upfront with potential suitors about her intentions, telling them on the first date that she's looking to get married, to which she responded a firm yes. And, she said, she's prepared for the perfect guy no matter where she happens to meet him.

"If you're single, you always put on a Chapstick and you walk out of the house and you hoist your boobs and you're ready," she said.

Watch the "Late Night with Seth Meyers" interview in the video above.