'The View' co-hosts trash Trump's children: 'They're not good people'

"The View" co-hosts don't have favorable views of the Trump children.

While discussing a recent article in The Atlantic that reported on a so-called "cold war" between Donald Trump's children, Ivanka and Don Jr., the women on ABC's daytime panel talk-show ripped into the president's kids and their supposed influence on the Republican party.

"There are stories on them being a dynasty, that after Trump is gone then the next idiot and then the next idiot and then the next idiot," Joy Behar started. "This family is filled with mediocrities. Trump, to his credit, is a hideous, charismatic con-man that has a little potential for something. These other ones have nothing. So, there's no dynasty there. I'm not worried about it."

Conservative pundit Meghan McCain then chimed in to discuss the apparent large approval rating that Trump Jr. has, while not knowing what Ivanka "does all day."

"I found myself feeling sorry for the kids at different moments," Abby Huntsman said of the article being discussed.

"No offense, they crashed my dad's funeral, they get none from me," McCain retorted. "I mean, really, like, they're not good people."

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"I just don't understand this whole political dynasty thing," Sunny Hostin chimed in. "It's very dated. I think this whole nepotism thing... it's like, 'Why is Ivanka Trump even in the White House? Why is Donald Trump Jr. even thinking he can run for office?' Just because their father is the president doesn't make them heir-apparent to anything. They need to work for everything that they have."

McCain likened them to the Kennedys and added, "I don't like it. I agree with you. I don't think necessarily because your parents are good at something that you inherent their talent."

Meanwhile Huntsman said that when she interviewed Ivanka relatively recently, there was something behind Trump's oldest daughter's eyes that told her "she wanted to tell me something that she couldn't."

While the audience and her co-hosts laughed the comment off, Huntsman continued on with her point.

"What I took from it is that she disagrees with him on almost everything, and she has to make the decision of, 'Do I have a relationship with my dad and work in the White House or...'"

She never finished her statement.

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