Jenna Paulette debuts acoustic version of 'Blue Jeans': Watch! (Exclusive)

Keep an eye on Jenna Paulette.

The up-and-coming country star is gearing up for the release of her new EP, "Modern Cowgirl Vol. 1," with the project's latest single, "Blue Jeans," already out.

"When I'm wearing your blue jeans, I feel you here on my body," she sings. "So much for forgetting, you're hanging on my hips."

To celebrate the song, Paulette reimagined it for her so-called "Marathon Sessions" on YouTube in a gorgeous acoustic arrangement that is premiering exclusively on AOL today.

"I remember sitting there on the edge of that porch shooting this acoustic video for 'Blue Jeans' thinking how perfect the day was, the air was warm in the beginning of February down in West Texas, it was 81 degrees I think, it didn't seem real," she told us of the clip. "Acoustic versions of songs are always more raw and I think that is just so beautiful... it added to all the good I was feeling in the moment even though this song is not necessarily a happy go-lucky song lyrically, despite it's upbeat feeling."

"I love how this turned out and I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it," she added.

Watch Jenna Paulette's acoustic rendition of "Blue Jeans" at the top of the page, and pre-order "Modern Cowgirl Vol. 1" here.