Hollywood Secrets: This secret about Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland will floor you

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Every little girl dreams of being a Disney princess!

Sleeping Beauty's castle is the most iconic Disney image there is -- and its design is surprisingly based on a real-life castle in Sagovia, Spain! And while the replica, which is found at Disneyland, is not as big as the real thing, Disney's Imagineers made it seem as big as the real thing as possible using forced perspective.

The castle is actually only 77 feet tall, but it doesn't seem that way when you look at it. How did they do it? Designers built it with the illusion to look bigger using forced perspective.

Similarly, the same technique is used for the buildings Main Street, with the size of each floor sized that way on purpose. For example, the ground floor is scaled differently than the third floor of a respective building.

Now that's some smart thinking from Walt Disney and the rest of the designers!

As you stroll through Main Street, the gas lamps adorning the edge of the sidewalks is not hard to miss. Believe it or not, Disney bought the vintage-looking accessories from the city of Baltimore as junk. One man's trash is definitely another man's treasure.

Who knew this magic is all due to some designers and their impressive science?!

Inside the theme park also lies a secret lounge, Club 33, that Hollywood stars like Tom Hanks are a part of. Check out more on the exclusive club in the vide above.