Celebrity star signs: Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and more famous Scorpios

Passionate, loyal and easily consumed by jealousy — sound like anyone you know?

Scorpios (October 23 - November 21) are known as the most sensual of all zodiac signs, and they value intimacy more than others do. However, their downfalls are an inherent distrust of others and a tendency to keep secrets, even though they do care very much about honesty in a relationship.

Among the celebrities who classify as Scorpios are quite a few men who've built a reputation on sexiness: Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Drake all fit the mold. But don't try to lump Scorpios into one broad category; there's a whole spectrum of personalties, from funny guys like Weird Al Yankovic and Jimmy Kimmel to acclaimed actresses like Sally Field and Julia Roberts. See more in the gallery below.

Celebrities who are Scorpios
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Celebrities who are Scorpios
Ryan Reynolds - October 23
Matthew McConaughey - November 4
Ryan Gosling - November 12
Drake - October 24
Emma Stone - November 6
Weird Al Yankovic - October 23
Owen Wilson - November 18
Seth MacFarlane - October 26
Julia Roberts - October 28
Caitlyn Jenner - October 28
David Schwimmer - November 2
Diddy - November 4
Sally Field - Novembe 6
Tracy Morgan - November 10
Jimmy Kimmel - November 13
Whoopi Goldberg - November 13
Martin Scorsese - November 17
Danny DeVito - November 17

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