Jana Duggar seemingly Photoshops conservative skirts onto strangers in in her Instagram snap

Celebrities are often guilty of editing their waists to look tinier or their cleavage to look bigger, but Jana Duggar seemingly found a new use for Photoshop: Creating artificial modesty.

The eldest Duggar daughter elicited mixed reactions last week when she posted a digitally modified snapshot from a local fair in Arkansas. Jana, smiling as she holds a tub of grapes, is the focal point of the photo, but it's two women in the background who caught fans' eyes: Their shorts are painted over to falsely create knee-length skirts.

While a few of the Duggar daughters have occasionally been known to buck their parents' long-standing "no shorts or pants for girls" rule, it appears that the anonymous women's shorts were not deemed conservative enough to be seen on Jana's Instagram page.

Photo: Instagram

The unexpected Photoshop job has sparked plenty of jokes and criticism, with several people calling Jana out for manipulating other people's images without their permission. "It is her page and she is allowed to share what she sees fit, but what is not acceptable is imposing her own standards on other people without their consent," one wrote. "The Duggars expect to have their beliefs and standards respected; to not extend the same basic courtesy to other people is hypocritical to say the least."

Other commenters also pointed out that there appears to be a man in the background lifting his shirt and giving the camera the middle finger. "I guess you were too occupied with covering the girls thighs, you didn't notice," one quipped. 

Jana, 29, is no stranger to unwelcome Instagram comments: In addition to dealing with critics who dislike the Duggars, devoted fans of the family often publicly comment on Jana's photos to ask why she's still unmarried when all of her of-age younger sisters have already wed.

Despite the negativity, Jana appears happy and healthy, and she definitely enjoyed her evening at the local fair: "Stopped by the Tontitown Grape Festival!" she captioned her photo. "Spent $5 on a game I never had a chance of winning, but memories are priceless! #smalltowngirl"

Jana Duggar on Instagram
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Jana Duggar on Instagram
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